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Update from the kids …

Hard to believe we will have been here a month this weekend. Kids are two weeks into school and doing well. We asked them to give an update on school and their time in Norway to date ... ETHAN:: I’m surprised it’s been a month already. I’m … [Read more...]

Grocery helper

After almost two weeks going to "Daddy's School," Leah has mastered the critical skill of grocery helper. … [Read more...]

“Worlds Coolest Day”

Now that we are into a more regular routine, we aren't doing much besides the expected during the week and plan to take advantage of the weekends. The apartment also prompts us to get out and about. While it is a great space, and we don't feel atop … [Read more...]

Our budding Norwegian chef

Ethan came home quite excited about school today as it was the first real cooking day in his Home Ec class. He worked with 2 other teammates to make Frokost (breakfast) from their cookbook and wound up with extra to bring home for us to try. It was a … [Read more...]


We have seen people buying these around town so Friday on my way home from work I stopped by a bakery to get bread and on a whim bought a six pack of these, not knowing at all what they were except something my sweet tooth was going to enjoy. Wow. … [Read more...]

Trip to Bergen: Day 2

We were lucky to have found a place to stay right downtown for a good price with enough room for all of us. However what we did not realize beforehand was that it was welcome week for the students coming to College, and that the hotel sat atop a … [Read more...]

Our very own tourist attraction

While we continue to work on the blog posts about Bergen, thought we would we share a funny video of Leah from the trip. As many know, she is our social butterfly and is not for long without a song or a dance. So anytime there is street music, off … [Read more...]

First day of school

Today the boys were full of all the normal first-day-of-school butterflies, compounded a bit more by the unknown of their classmates. Their school, Ila Skole, has been great to them since we got here. They got to go last week and meet with the … [Read more...]

Vigeland Sculpture Park

Seeing that we are on the eve of school starting tomorrow, and we've suffered enough of not having Leah take an afternoon nap, we opted to stick closer to home today and had our first visit to Frogner Park. And more notably, the Vigeland Sculpture … [Read more...]

Trip to Bergen: Day 1

July and August is prime-time for touring Norway so before the boys start school we decided to make a quick excursion out of Oslo. At first we envisioned the possibility making a run up north, maybe even crossing the Arctic Circle. Upon realizing it … [Read more...]