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When I first walked into this store, I thought someone was doing some construction work and had left these two metal poles on the stairs. While looking around, I thought it was a shame that there was no wheelchair access to the store considering it was focused on all Norwegian made goods. However, upon leaving I realized the ‘construction’ hadn’t been removed and closer inspection revealed these metal plates to be nailed into the ground. Can’t seem to wrap my head around this one.

Wheelchair ramp?

Wheelchair ramp?


  1. Katherine says:

    I’m not sure I would ever test out that ramp, even if it is for wheelchairs. Where’s the ADA when you need it??

    • I know, however it looks as if it has been well-used. Keeping my eyes open for how accessible the city is overall. Looking for leads to speak to someone directly about it. Have seen about 2-3 people in wheelchairs so far.

  2. thea peterson says:

    I have seen these used here in Knoxville – 7 years ago when our daughters were married on the same day and the reception was held at Holston Hills Country Club. We had two guests in wheel chairs and these devices served as the ramps! Thank goodness they have made it wheel chair accessible since then – I think you still have to come in off the patio as opposed to the front door.

  3. Heather Ullman says:

    Our friends had that on their porch steps to their house for their double stroller.

  4. Eva Krantz-Willig says:

    I’d say it’s for strollers… I assume that “everyone” walk around Oslo with their kids in strollers just like in Stockholm…or?

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