The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

Trip to Bergen: Day 1

July and August is prime-time for touring Norway so before the boys start school we decided to make a quick excursion out of Oslo. At first we envisioned the possibility making a run up north, maybe even crossing the Arctic Circle. Upon realizing it … [Read more...]

What to eat when in Norway

Not only are we trying to get accustomed to new foods here in Norway but the price of everything relative to the dollar makes for an added challenge. We are lucky in that there is a relatively in-expensive and relatively large grocery store directly … [Read more...]

What to read…for a year.

I received a Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch e-reader as a gift earlier in the year (thanks Tarver!) and I have to say, all pro-bookstore, pro-printed book issues aside, I really enjoy using it primarily because it is just easier to hold … [Read more...]

We are really going, we are really going, we are really going …

If we keep telling ourselves this, then it will stay true. We've navigated the Fulbright application process, the rental of our house in Knoxville, the rental of an apartment in Oslo, the rounds of discussion on whether to immerse or not to … [Read more...]