The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah


The river that runs through Oslo, Ankerselva, is considered a cultural icon. It runs through the middle of town for about 5 miles and traverses many areas. Ethan walked a good length of it last week going on a field trip from his school to the … [Read more...]

Public art: Grass Roots Square

On one of my paths to work I pass by this extremely interesting public art piece. It consists of many small figures, reminiscent of plastic army men, meticulously placed into the squares of this plaza. They are at varying heights and numbers and … [Read more...]

Teknisk Museum

Last Saturday we visited the Norwegian Technical Museum. The museum is in north Oslo and just a short walk from the last tram stop on line 11/12. We packed a lunch, made our way on the tram and upon arrival sat outside under a beautiful sky to eat a … [Read more...]

“Worlds Coolest Day”

Now that we are into a more regular routine, we aren't doing much besides the expected during the week and plan to take advantage of the weekends. The apartment also prompts us to get out and about. While it is a great space, and we don't feel atop … [Read more...]

Street music

On my way to orientation, I passed this great performance and was humming these tunes all morning. An advertisement for an upcoming open-air theater event at our favorite fortress. The land of the Game of Thrones continues. The Blood: The play … [Read more...]