The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

A Musical Sunday

The kids and I gave Dad a day off and headed out last Sunday to the NasjonalMuseet Contemporary Art Museum catching the last day of the I Wish This Were A Song: Music in Contemporary Art exhibition. We love walking into a museum to be unexpectantly … [Read more...]

Human Sushi

Apparently Norwegians are not eating as much fish, or fisk, as they used to. Enter the Norwegian Seafood Council with a memorable ad campaign using interpretive dance. We share with you, Human Sushi ... … [Read more...]

Colosseum Kino

Since moving to Oslo Sarah and I have yet to go see a movie in a theatre. All the big American movie releases premier here soon after the States and they do run in English with Norwegian subtitles, except for animated films which tend to get dubbed … [Read more...]

The Norwegian Beatbox

I attended a lecture today where the video of this Norwegian YouTube superstar was shown as part of the presentation. The kids in this house now want to watch it nonstop. Here is another one of his … [Read more...]

What to read…for a year.

I received a Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch e-reader as a gift earlier in the year (thanks Tarver!) and I have to say, all pro-bookstore, pro-printed book issues aside, I really enjoy using it primarily because it is just easier to hold … [Read more...]