The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

First day of school

Today the boys were full of all the normal first-day-of-school butterflies, compounded a bit more by the unknown of their classmates. Their school, Ila Skole, has been great to them since we got here. They got to go last week and meet with the … [Read more...]

Trying to break the jetlag

These past few days we all feel as if our heads are stuffed with cotton. We can't seem to shake the jetlag and started that process today in earnest. After a midnight Skype call last night to my brother in which Leah and Ethan were still up to join … [Read more...]

Going to skole

School has been rather tricky for us to navigate. Leah, who would be in preschool here, is for now going to stay home with Kurt. Norwegian preschool, called a 'barnehage' (translated into children's garden) is difficult to get into. It didn't help … [Read more...]