The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

Cabin Adventure — part II

This post picks up where the last cabin post left off, sharing more about the cabin itself. Once we finally got down and into the cabin, we had to get all the systems up and running. First was plugging in all of the radiators. There is electricity … [Read more...]

Cabin adventure

What do you get when 5 Tennesseans are deposited at the top of a slope covered in snow drifts about 3+ft high and have to walk downhill about 25 yards to reach their destination? This is that story. Back in August when I attended the Fulbright … [Read more...]

Update from the kids

Back from an adventure in the far Northern region of Norway with another American Fulbright family, first a report from the kids ... Ethan: The plane flight to Tromsø was really nice we could see the huge mountains as we were landing. And as we … [Read more...]

Copenhagen by boat

The boys had fall break this past week so we opted to take a trip out-of-town before it starts to get too cold and miserable to take the kids anywhere. There are several modes of transport to Copenhagen; an 8-hour bus ride, an hour flight, a train … [Read more...]

Trip to Bergen: Day 3

[This post covers the last day of our 3 day excursion to Bergen. Here are links to Day 1 and Day 2.] The 3rd day of our trip marked our return to Oslo and to date stands as the most picturesque day we have spent in Norway. We booked tickets on … [Read more...]

Trip to Bergen: Day 2

We were lucky to have found a place to stay right downtown for a good price with enough room for all of us. However what we did not realize beforehand was that it was welcome week for the students coming to College, and that the hotel sat atop a … [Read more...]

Our very own tourist attraction

While we continue to work on the blog posts about Bergen, thought we would we share a funny video of Leah from the trip. As many know, she is our social butterfly and is not for long without a song or a dance. So anytime there is street music, off … [Read more...]

Trip to Bergen: Day 1

July and August is prime-time for touring Norway so before the boys start school we decided to make a quick excursion out of Oslo. At first we envisioned the possibility making a run up north, maybe even crossing the Arctic Circle. Upon realizing it … [Read more...]

Update from the kids…

We got in late last night from our first trip across Norway to visit Bergen. We're sorting through the 630 pics (the landscape was fantastic) and will be posting about various parts of the journey over the next few days. It went super smooth up until … [Read more...]

Made it over

After what added up to 22 hours of total travel time, we are now getting settled in our apartment in Oslo. The days prior to this arrival have been a complete blur as we reached the homestretch -- a whirlwind of packing us to leave while prepping the … [Read more...]