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Human Sushi

Apparently Norwegians are not eating as much fish, or fisk, as they used to. Enter the Norwegian Seafood Council with a memorable ad campaign using interpretive dance. We share with you, Human Sushi …


  1. wow. ummm yeah wow

  2. I would like to know if the ads actually result in more fish consumption. Also what did Leah think about the dancing?
    Love, Gram

    • She was most tickled when they turned into pieces of sushi at the end, otherwise she was mesmerized. … In regards to consumption, it remains to be seen. When I attended the Christmas dinner for researchers, the researcher who provided a lecture on the food history of Norway said that fish consumption was down while red meat consumption was up. She showed this coinciding with the time when the oil industry took off thus making Norway a much more wealthier country.

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