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Street music

On my way to orientation, I passed this great performance and was humming these tunes all morning. An advertisement for an upcoming open-air theater event at our favorite fortress. The land of the Game of Thrones continues.

The Blood:
The play deals with one of the greatest dramas in Norwegian history that took place at Akershus Fortress 18 august 1502: ambush on the landowner and captain Knut Alvsson. He led the only revolt against Danish Norwegian union, and was murdered in an ambush, convicted of treason and thrown in one of the castle tower as a warning. After killing his wife Mette went and advisor around for 11 years and cried before the corpse was laid in consecrated ground. There will be drama, with knights in armor, horses, beautiful costumes and a large number of famous actors and extras.

Wonder if they need any English speaking ushers.


  1. Katherine says:

    Looks like fun!!!

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