The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

Trying to break the jetlag

These past few days we all feel as if our heads are stuffed with cotton. We can’t seem to shake the jetlag and started that process today in earnest. After a midnight Skype call last night to my brother in which Leah and Ethan were still up to join in, we forced everyone to get up at 9:30, eat breakfast and get dressed. Reid asked if we were going to eat lunch today, a meal that we inadvertently slept through yesterday. We took a good morning walk down to the library and found the children’s section, happy to see that there is a long wall of books in English. They are accompanied by books in Thai, Swahili, French, Spanish, and Arabic among several languages I have not ever heard of. All a sign of the growing immigrant population here in Oslo. Once we get our residence permits, we can get a card and check out books, but for now the kids only get to look.

These adventures out are small baby steps (the library is about 6 blocks down the road). We’ve not been clear-headed enough to bring snacks, have no type of water bottles for anyone, and can never remember to bring a change of clothes for Leah should she have an accident. So we venture out to one specific site (yesterday it was the nearby park) and then come back. We also have started to hunt down a used stroller for Leah as her little legs fatigue the quickest.

The kids in the entryway to our apartment’s courtyard

Statue in St. Hanshaugen Park, lots of beautiful flowers abound

Pond at the St. Hanshaugen park near our apartment

In our effort to establish some sense of routine for Leah, we did put her down for a nap today and she went out quickly. Her sleeping has been the worst of the kids as her window overlooks the apartment courtyard and she wakes easily to any sound down there. Kurt and I have fought the desire to nap by forcing ourselves outside on rotation and drinking some good strong afternoon coffee. The boys are energizer bunnies.

We found this car sticker amusing while on our walk home today

After dinner we walked over to what will be the boys school, Ila Skole. Upon first entering the courtyard Ethan stated “This is old.” A comment that stemmed not from being blown over with the palpable history surrounding this 96 year-old building that was one of Northern Europe’s largest schools when originally built, rather it stemmed from coming upon the concrete playground sparsely populated with wooden equipment that has clearly been very well-loved and well-weathered. In the end they had a fine time playing on it themselves and we left with Reid giving it a thumbs-up which was a big step for him considering how nervous he is with anticipation of starting class in such a new place. The same place we were with him this time last year as he anxiously awaited Kindergarten to start. So those of you who also got a dose of anxious Reid last summer know where we stand with him right now.

One side of Ila Skole

Reid at the mast of the playground boat

Freize seen on the walk home

On the way home we passed a neighborhood soccer match and stopped to watch for a bit until it started raining.

And thus concludes our first day ‘awake’ in Oslo.



  1. Glad you guys made it! I love reading about your adventures. I’m impressed you’ve had a chance to update here, so much. I LOVE the picture of Reid on the playground. Tell all the kids we said hi. It’s weird seeing your house so quiet. It’s been a good distraction having the Brace’s busy moving in next door!

  2. Katherine says:

    It was a year ago that you came to SB!! Feels like yesterday. Hope the meltdowns are minimal.

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