The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

Update from the kids ….

After a week in, here is an update from the kids …

Ethan:: It’s been pretty nice and I like exploring around the town and finding out that there are really nice parks nearby. I also like just hanging out at home before school starts. Here they have a lot more buildings crowded around each other and narrower streets. What I also think is neat is that Norway is about halfway surrounded by water and that there is a harbor nearby so we can go take a ferry to the islands. I’m excited to go do the Oslo-Bergen railway and take the boat trip through the fjord. There is a really, really high railway there we are going to do too.

Reid:: I like walking around and going to new places. I have been to new parks, the harbor, watching the big ferry ships and cruises leave. The Fortress was good. When we were walking home one day, I was looking at the walls of buildings and then I saw melty beads on a wall. And Ethan was across the street so he couldn’t see them. I try to look at them every time I go by now. Here they have different types of butter noodles, they taste different. I have learned the word skolleboller. I will learn more words in school. We live in an apartment and you have to have quiet feet but that is OK because the apartment is awesome. It has a courtyard where we can play on the tire swings. We have a dresser instead of a closet and all of our clothes fit in there.

Melty bead creations super glued onto an electrical box
Courtyard in the center of the apartment building


Leah:: I like my room. The coffee milk is different.

Leah’s room

Kaffe Flote, the coffee milk



  1. Heather Ullman says:

    Melty beads! Elliot loves those. I will have to show him this. I’m really enjoying catching up on all of this. H

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