The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

Update from the kids

We have been very busy lately. In school we went on a sledding/cross-country skiing day. And I got to try to cross-country ski for a bit. I liked it but it was hard because I haven’t been on skiis for like a year when we went to Massanutten in Virginia, but that is another story. It’s different because your feet stay on the ski but your heel moves up and down. Sort of like you are walking out of your shoe. I’m set for skis when we go to a ski resort next week because Jøran let me borrow poles, skis and ski boots. And lots of other snow gear. So I’m set for that.

Ethan's first try at cross-country, pics courtesy of his teacher, Ole Marius.

Ethan’s first try at cross-country, pics courtesy of his teacher, Ole Marius.

For cooking this week in school we made chocolate cake and I got assigned a new group of students to work with. And next week each team will be given 100 Norwegian Krone to go to the store and buy ingredients to make a dish that the group chooses. Kind of like Iron Chef.

We had a small party and we watched the Superbowl and my teacher Ole Marius came also. He was completely new on the American football. So we had to explain to him all of the details from downs to field goals. By the end of the game he understood what was going on. In the spring once the snow clears off, Dad and I are going to teach my class football during gym and then go up to the park and play. It has also been snowing on and off a lot here. I’ve gotten pretty good at ice skating. When we get back to Knoxville, I want to start going to one of the all-year-round ice skating rinks. And now we have a sled that Jøran let us borrow for the winter. It is one of those snow racers like the one we had up in the cabin. And you can steer. But sometimes we just sled on our clothes when it is icy.

Ethan + Leah speed-sledding:

Ethan + Reid bodysledding:

Two weeks ago we got a care package from our neighbors in Knoxville. I got Dinosaur Cove books and I read them all already. It came with a necklace too.  And Ethan got a bracelet from his friend Will back in the USA. Leah got an apron and dress-up clothes. And she got a purse with a phone in it. She pretends to call all her friends back in Knoxville. She tells them that she is going to come back sometime. And I made a rose with the duct tape that we got. Ethan made a necklace to hold keys around your neck.

Enjoying everything that came in the care package.

I miss my friends too. But I have some friends here in Norway including: Monsoor, Adrya and Jesper. Leah has a friend here named Agnes. When Mom went to London last week, I walked to school every morning with Agnes. Except for Monday because I walk to school with Ethan on Mondays.  School has been fun. Every elementary grade, which is trinn in Norwegian, went to a sledding and skiing day. That was 300 kids. We all took city buses but not 300 all in one bus. Because there would be other people not going on the field trip who need to use the bus too. This is the trip that Ethan went on too. But my class got to go on another trip to the forest to sled before this. We had a campfire there and I cooked hotdogs to eat. I had a thermos Dad bought for me for the trips that are cold. And I put hot saft, a Norwegian drink that you mix with hot water. You are supposed to put a little bit of saft in your drink and the rest of it should be hot water.

Reid's class heading out to catch the bus to go to the forest.

Reid’s class heading out to catch the bus to go to the forest.

Coming up, we are going to have a carnival at school. Then go on a ski weekend next weekend with  people from America. And when we come back it will be winter break. During the winter break me, Dad, and Jøran are going to Jøran and Palmyre’s cabin. You have to park your car and ski into the cabin because it is off the road. I’m looking forward to making another snow tunnel. I will get Mom to put pictures on the blog of the trip. I’m having a good time in Norway.

I like Norway. I like my bed in Norway. I’ve been playing in my room, practicing my numbers and letters with Daddy, and playing in the snow. And Daddy is very funny. And I love my brothers.




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