The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

Share a Coke with ____________.


Not sure if this campaign has hit the States yet, but Coke is getting personal over here. They are promoting ‘sharing a Coke’ by placing names, other than their own, large and up front on the labels. Can’t say I’ve ever given much thought to picking one out before now (also can’t say I have done this often, 29,00NOK = $5 for a 16oz bottle). There is also going to be a European tour where you can get your own customized can. Might have to track it down and get one for Reid who can never seem to find anything personalized with his name on it, and for that matter, ones for my brothers as well 🙂

Sunday at the harbor

It was just one week ago I was sporting mittens and a scarf to get around town. But yesterday and today are proving to be what we have been told is akin to a heat wave in July. Highs in the mid-70's. So we headed down to the water in an area known as … [Continue reading]

Reindeer meatballs

Ever since he got back from his special cabin trip, Reid has asked to have Joika for dinner. Finally tonight his wish was granted. Pronounced "yoy-ka" this is quite simply, reindeer meatballs in a brown gravy that comes from a can. Well according to … [Continue reading]

Quick check-in

Apparently April was busy. And May is showing no signs of stopping. Only one blog post since April 4 and so much to catch up on ... Trip to Gothenburg, Sweden Trip to the Gothenburg ER (not to worry everyone is fine) Easter More … [Continue reading]

Hotel Zinser is now open for business

Seems family and friends prefer the warm to the cold as starting now, we have visitors each month until we leave in July. First up have been our next door neighbors from back home, the Simmons. Three girls, whose ages pair up quite close to our kids, … [Continue reading]

Salty licorice

I bought a pack of this gum weeks ago so the family could try it. Well, Kurt and I were not going to try it because neither of us like licorice. Ethan then informed us he couldn't stand it either. Reid was going to be the adventurous one not knowing … [Continue reading]

Kitchen Fight

By: Ethan The past few weeks we haven't had our usual home ec. because, we have been saving them up for this past monday when we had an event sort of like the Iron Chef or Ready, Steady Cook television shows. The class was divided into groups and … [Continue reading]

Holmen-‘cooool’-len ski jump competition

By Ethan + Reid + Leah E: Every year Oslo hosts a World Cup Ski jump event at the Holmenkollen ski jump. We went there before earlier in the summer with Dad and went up to see the troll statue and the rope course. We had not been there since … [Continue reading]

Cross Country Skiing Above the Treeline

February was a beautiful time here in Norway. Snow has been abundant along with the cold but the sun is steadily growing stronger and the days longer. This all added up to a great time for school kids in Norway to have their week long winter break. … [Continue reading]

Akerselva Sundays

As of the past two weeks, the walkway along the Akerselva River  has been much more passable than our New Years Day ice adventure. So the past few Sundays have meant duck feeding, river walking, and soccer playing. … [Continue reading]