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What to read…for a year.

I received a Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch e-reader as a gift earlier in the year (thanks Tarver!) and I have to say, all pro-bookstore, pro-printed book issues aside, I really enjoy using it primarily because it is just easier to hold … [Read more...]

Going to skole

School has been rather tricky for us to navigate. Leah, who would be in preschool here, is for now going to stay home with Kurt. Norwegian preschool, called a 'barnehage' (translated into children's garden) is difficult to get into. It didn't help … [Read more...]

Budgeting begins yesterday

In 2010 Oslo was ranked the most expensive city in the world. They've come down a few notches, but still rank up there. Firsthand experience from the NYT Frugal Traveler (thanks Claire!) :  A $100 weekend in Oslo … [Read more...]

Lifetime of use

Everyone got the largest roller-duffel LLBean makes, a hard-shell carry-on and a backpack. Roller duffels came today -- imagine this splash of color moving through Europe. … [Read more...]

How this has all come to be

The opportunity to go and experience Norway has appeared in ways that give Kurt and I pause knowing people are put in front of you at certain times and in certain places for very certain reasons. In order to give proper context as to how this has all … [Read more...]

Married designers designing a blog for themselves

You would think setting up this blog would come easy to us. That we could just whip open our computer and kick something out without a second thought. You would think. In designing we had a few priorities: Sarah: - be able to post an image a … [Read more...]