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Update from the kids…

We got in late last night from our first trip across Norway to visit Bergen. We're sorting through the 630 pics (the landscape was fantastic) and will be posting about various parts of the journey over the next few days. It went super smooth up until … [Read more...]

Ye Olde Oslo

[We are off to Bergen for a few days and will post again when we are back, til then, some Norwegian history ...] There are a plethora of museums throughout Oslo, some expected ones: Museum of Natural History, Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of … [Read more...]

What to eat when in Norway

Not only are we trying to get accustomed to new foods here in Norway but the price of everything relative to the dollar makes for an added challenge. We are lucky in that there is a relatively in-expensive and relatively large grocery store directly … [Read more...]

Frognerseteren Hovedrestaurant

Our landlord told us of a lovely lodge with a nice view at the end of one of the subway lines. Seeing that we have purchased our subway passes for the month and the kids travel free on the weekends, we thought we'd go for a ride. The Frognerseteren … [Read more...]


The first tooth lost in Oslo, at the mercy of a popsicle. … [Read more...]

Street music

On my way to orientation, I passed this great performance and was humming these tunes all morning. An advertisement for an upcoming open-air theater event at our favorite fortress. The land of the Game of Thrones continues. The Blood: The play … [Read more...]


When I first walked into this store, I thought someone was doing some construction work and had left these two metal poles on the stairs. While looking around, I thought it was a shame that there was no wheelchair access to the store considering it … [Read more...]

Update from the kids ….

After a week in, here is an update from the kids ... Ethan:: It’s been pretty nice and I like exploring around the town and finding out that there are really nice parks nearby. I also like just hanging out at home before school starts. Here they … [Read more...]

Trekking to Ikea

Our apartment is set up quite well and there is very little we have found lacking. Those few things that do need (desk for Kurt, step stool for Leah, various bins and containers for things that are getting spread out all over the place) are proving … [Read more...]

Tourist time

Now that we all seem to be on Oslo time, we started out for the Visitor's Centre to get some maps. Kurt and I have both been a little disoriented not having a big physical map that we can use to orient ourselves. We got that plus a little more from … [Read more...]