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The King’s Guard

Leah and I spent a great day with two other Fulbrighters here from the States. Ann, who is here from Memphis (a fellow Tennessean!) and Judith, from New Mexico, are roving scholars who travel from school to school across Norway conducting class … [Read more...]


Norwegians are serious about their canned meat, in particular their "liverpostei" or what we know as liverwurst. While adults eat cans promoting "oven baked" leverpostei, it is also heavily marketed to children with both boys and girls pictured on … [Read more...]

Update from the Kids

ETHAN: At school, like I said in another post, we go out to Bislett stadium for gym on Fridays. I did the long jump again and this time got 3.15 meters as my high. I actually did my feet in front like I was trying to reach my toes on the jump, I … [Read more...]


I picked the boys up from school Monday and we walked over to a branch of the Oslo library we have yet to visit in a hip area known as Grünerløkka. We all loved this place -- the boys even admitting it was well worth the 'long' walk with their heavy … [Read more...]

Apartment superheroes

Superhero play on a dreary day. … [Read more...]

Proper Attire Mandatory

We headed out today despite the cold, windy, damp weather because that is what Norwegians do. We stepped outside the apartment building and quickly surmised that everyone would appreciate hats and gloves. After a couple of trips back up to the … [Read more...]


The river that runs through Oslo, Ankerselva, is considered a cultural icon. It runs through the middle of town for about 5 miles and traverses many areas. Ethan walked a good length of it last week going on a field trip from his school to the … [Read more...]

Public art: Grass Roots Square

On one of my paths to work I pass by this extremely interesting public art piece. It consists of many small figures, reminiscent of plastic army men, meticulously placed into the squares of this plaza. They are at varying heights and numbers and … [Read more...]

Teknisk Museum

Last Saturday we visited the Norwegian Technical Museum. The museum is in north Oslo and just a short walk from the last tram stop on line 11/12. We packed a lunch, made our way on the tram and upon arrival sat outside under a beautiful sky to eat a … [Read more...]

Apple pizza

Friday night has been pizza and movie night in this house for some time now. And while the Norwegians certainly do have their own love affair with pizza, much of it originating from the freezer aisle, the chef in this house has worked hard these past … [Read more...]