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Trip to Bergen: Day 3

[This post covers the last day of our 3 day excursion to Bergen. Here are links to Day 1 and Day 2.] The 3rd day of our trip marked our return to Oslo and to date stands as the most picturesque day we have spent in Norway. We booked tickets on … [Read more...]

The Norwegian Beatbox

I attended a lecture today where the video of this Norwegian YouTube superstar was shown as part of the presentation. The kids in this house now want to watch it nonstop. Here is another one of his … [Read more...]

Sketching day

Reid and I had our first 'sketching' outing on Sunday. We came up with this idea for us two to do together before we even left for Oslo and he has been anxious to get going since we got here. We went to the Contemporary Art Museum only to learn it … [Read more...]

mmmm mmmm mmm…

We first saw this commercial during the Olympics, a prime example of wringing every ounce of value from a "one hit wonder". Sarah and I chuckle a bit every time we see it... … [Read more...]


Last weekend we went to our first Loppemarked that happened to be held down the street at the boys school. We had been told that we should scout these loppemarked (which translates to flea market), which are usually put on through the schools, for … [Read more...]

100 years of Norwegian military flight

This past weekend Oslo put on an air show as part of the yearlong celebration of the 100th year anniversary of the nation's military air force. This event downtown was just one of several that are planed throughout the country in 2012. Stamps have … [Read more...]


While in Bergen we got ice cream from a stand selling Diplom-Is. Little did we know it is one of the larger ice cream distributors; part of a dairy co-op known as Tine which seems to have the monopoly on dairy here in Norway. The kids committed the … [Read more...]


Norway is expensive and things we usually take for granted in the States are often twice or three times as expensive. But there is one thing that our family agrees is MUCH better here than in the States and is absolutely free – Norwegian drinking … [Read more...]