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Archives for October 2012

An Evening in Asker

As soon as our family announced that we would be living in Norway for a year, one of my parents dear friends reached out to us and suggested that we contact their good friends Helene and Knut who live just outside of Oslo in Asker. After exchanging … [Read more...]

Found the boys

Thanks to a colleague's suggestion, we found a good local barber for a reasonable price. So all the boys of the house got haircuts over this past week. Jury is still out as to what is going to happen with the girl.   … [Read more...]

What we’ve been up to

So things have been quiet on the blog here lately. Seems life has become more and more like home in which we have a fairly regular routine with each of us having had enough of the computer during the day that once the kids go to bed we can't bring … [Read more...]

Field Day

The boys have mentioned in a few of their posts how much they like going to Bislett Stadium. Ethan in particular. Last week, they got the extra bonus of both being there at the same time as their school held a version of field day for all the 1st … [Read more...]

More than just ketchup

Curry Mango, that seems clear. American Hamburger, probably Thousand Island-ish. But Exotic? … [Read more...]

Oslo Dansens Hus

Sarah and I subscribe to a weekly listserv that aggregates the coming week's "American-centric" activities in and around Oslo. Sarah noticed there was a dance show that Leah and I might enjoy. She purchased a couple of tickets so Leah and I could … [Read more...]

The cobbler’s child now has shoes

It takes leaving the country to finally get myself a website. Sheesh. Luckily I'm married to a Wordpress master and had the help I needed to achieve liftoff. I'll be posting about what I'm doing and seeing in the design world on the blog as well … [Read more...]

Copenhagen by boat

The boys had fall break this past week so we opted to take a trip out-of-town before it starts to get too cold and miserable to take the kids anywhere. There are several modes of transport to Copenhagen; an 8-hour bus ride, an hour flight, a train … [Read more...]