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I turned 7!

by Reid Zinser I was feeling excited on November 22nd. I woke up and I saw that Mom put up something that said "Happy Birthday Reidy." And 'Reidy' is one of my nicknames. I ate my breakfast and then I saw a pile of presents on our dining … [Read more...]

Norwegian food culture

For Thanksgiving day in which things are the same daily routine here (minus the birthday of a very special  7-year-old  :-) while back at home there is turkey, stuffing, and other warm Thanksgiving comfort foods being shared, we thought we we would … [Read more...]

Walking around Sognsvann

We found what felt like the 'Cades Cove' of Oslo this past Sunday. Back home Cades Cove is an immensely popular area to visit in the Smoky Mountains. We made the comparison here due to the popularity of these two outdoor locations. The biggest … [Read more...]


Ethan saw these videos in school recently, some pranks from a Norwegian variety show. He has asked to have them posted here for everyone to enjoy. :-) … [Read more...]

The Holmenkollen Ski Jump

On a recent Saturday, the boys and I were itching to get out of the apartment. We had seen from a distance the giant man made ski jump that sits on a ridge just outside the city in an area called Holmenkollen, it is an impressive structure that I … [Read more...]

A LEGO Dreamland

On Saturday Kurt and the boys headed to the Telenor arena to participate in the 50th anniversary celebration of Lego in Norway. Sitting in bins with millions of LEGOs at their disposal to create and play with = LEGO nirvana. The event began with a … [Read more...]

Update from the Kids

Ethan: In school Friday we went to the Museum of the Vigeland Sculpture Park. And I learned that the actual statues in the park are not real. The stone sculptures that he made are actually in the museum. They did this because if the stone ones were … [Read more...]


We were not sure what to expect of Halloween over here. Back home it is one of the highlights of the year in our neighborhood as the area is teeming with kids of shapes and sizes. Knowing that Halloween is a relatively new phenomena in Norway, we … [Read more...]