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Share a Coke with ____________.

Not sure if this campaign has hit the States yet, but Coke is getting personal over here. They are promoting 'sharing a Coke' by placing names, other than their own, large and up front on the labels. Can't say I've ever given much thought to picking … [Read more...]

Sunday at the harbor

It was just one week ago I was sporting mittens and a scarf to get around town. But yesterday and today are proving to be what we have been told is akin to a heat wave in July. Highs in the mid-70's. So we headed down to the water in an area known as … [Read more...]

Reindeer meatballs

Ever since he got back from his special¬†cabin trip, Reid has asked to have Joika for dinner. Finally tonight his wish was granted. Pronounced "yoy-ka" this is quite simply, reindeer meatballs in a brown gravy that comes from a can. Well according to … [Read more...]

Quick check-in

Apparently April was busy. And May is showing no signs of stopping.¬†Only one blog post since April 4 and so much to catch up on ... Trip to Gothenburg, Sweden Trip to the Gothenburg ER (not to worry everyone is fine) Easter More … [Read more...]