The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

A LEGO Dreamland

On Saturday Kurt and the boys headed to the Telenor arena to participate in the 50th anniversary celebration of Lego in Norway. Sitting in bins with millions of LEGOs at their disposal to create and play with = LEGO nirvana.

The event began with a 62 meter long model of Norway made out of packaging crates. Around this area were a dozen or so Lego ‘pits’ where thousands, if not millions, of LEGOs were poured for use by creative hands. Everyone was challenged with creating Norwegian inspired scenes that would be placed on the Norway model to illustrate the country. There three different ‘kino’ rooms, or movie rooms, showing LEGO Star Wars, HeroFactory, Ninjago, LEGO City, and LEGO Friends. There was a timeline of LEGO history, many life-size LEGO models, and several fully licensed LEGO engineers conducting live  demonstrations. Not to mention a raffle for a super deluxe trip to LEGOland in Denmark. The boys are still reveling from the high of this event and have been building non-stop since their return.

The scene on Saturday

Life-size LEGO creations

Recreation of the Akershus Fortress

Red Cross LEGO

LEGO timeline display

Assessing the LEGO pit

Dumping in more LEGOs

Reid’s creation, the ‘Forest of Fear.’ Reid describes it like this, “It is about people being trapped in a forest of molten lava rocks. On the molten lava rocks there are laser beams. The guy with the orange gun is trying to save everybody.”

Reid placed the Forest of Fear near the Royal Palace in Norway. Ethan’s is the small little ship right in front of it.

Official videos from the event:


  1. #1 Toy of Architects = Legos…future career for Reid, since Ethan is already committed to the sealife?

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