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Apple pizza

Friday night has been pizza and movie night in this house for some time now. And while the Norwegians certainly do have their own love affair with pizza, much of it originating from the freezer aisle, the chef in this house has worked hard these past few Fridays to perfect his dough. He first had to locate yeast and then determine the correct ratios. The yeast seems to be of a different texture than we are accustomed to and is sold in packets with a much higher volume than the foil packets we use at home. We don’t have a pizza stone but he was able to locate brown cooking paper that works as a good substitute sitting atop a baking sheet. The dough recipie seems to be perfected and now he spends his time experimenting with toppings.

Pepperoni for the kids and spinach + mozzarella + artichoke hearts + and some leftover crab for the parents

This week Ethan made applesauce and apple cake in his ‘tredeling’ class so we decided to use the extra sauce he brought home to make our first dessert pizza.

Ethan’s chunky applesauce + cinnamon + sugar

The finished pie

On making the applesauce Ethan says:

“We skinned 2 kilos of apples with a knife and an apple carving thing and then once we had skinned them all, we put them in a pot on the stove to cook them down. Then we put a lot of sugar in it to help it turn saucy and to sweeten it. Once it was ready we would take it out and put it on our plates with the apple cake. For the apple cake, it was too many steps to remember. Both of them tasted really good. We ate so much that we didn’t even eat lunch. Actually I never eat my lunch on Mondays because we usually eat so much that we make. I liked putting it on the pizza. But it isn’t my favorite pizza. That would be cheese, sausage and pepperoni.”

From start to finish

And now, sadly, we only have a few tablespoons left of his delicious applesauce to fight over in the morning


  1. Ethan is going to be taking over kitchen duties pretty soon! I think this should be taught in US schools.

  2. It is such a pleasure following this journey with your family. I am very impressed with the cooking skills Ethan is learning in his school!

  3. Emily and Otis says:

    Apple sause… On pizza? Otis approves!

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