The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

Human Sushi

Apparently Norwegians are not eating as much fish, or fisk, as they used to. Enter the Norwegian Seafood Council with a memorable ad campaign using interpretive dance. We share with you, Human Sushi ... … [Read more...]

Getting into the Christmas spirit

December was filled with many activities that helped us to get into the Christmas spirit so far from home ... Both boys had Christmas programs at school, each being upbeat, festive and very enjoyable. Reid's was a play in which two kids stayed on … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving all week long

Thanksgiving day here was just another day. And if it weren't for the internet, we wouldn't have felt that it was any different. But seeing so many posts and tweets about turkey and pie and thankfulness, and headlines about holiday travel, made it a … [Read more...]

Lighting of the building Christmas tree

We are now experiencing some seriously cold weather. High of 14°F today, high of 21°F yesterday, and tomorrow, a high of a whopping 13°F. This degree of cold is an adjustment for our Southern blood, however we are glad that it brings along with it … [Read more...]

I turned 7!

by Reid Zinser I was feeling excited on November 22nd. I woke up and I saw that Mom put up something that said "Happy Birthday Reidy." And 'Reidy' is one of my nicknames. I ate my breakfast and then I saw a pile of presents on our dining … [Read more...]

Norwegian food culture

For Thanksgiving day in which things are the same daily routine here (minus the birthday of a very special  7-year-old  :-) while back at home there is turkey, stuffing, and other warm Thanksgiving comfort foods being shared, we thought we we would … [Read more...]

Update from the Kids

Ethan: In school Friday we went to the Museum of the Vigeland Sculpture Park. And I learned that the actual statues in the park are not real. The stone sculptures that he made are actually in the museum. They did this because if the stone ones were … [Read more...]


We were not sure what to expect of Halloween over here. Back home it is one of the highlights of the year in our neighborhood as the area is teeming with kids of shapes and sizes. Knowing that Halloween is a relatively new phenomena in Norway, we … [Read more...]

An Evening in Asker

As soon as our family announced that we would be living in Norway for a year, one of my parents dear friends reached out to us and suggested that we contact their good friends Helene and Knut who live just outside of Oslo in Asker. After exchanging … [Read more...]

Found the boys

Thanks to a colleague's suggestion, we found a good local barber for a reasonable price. So all the boys of the house got haircuts over this past week. Jury is still out as to what is going to happen with the girl.   … [Read more...]