The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

What we’ve been up to

So things have been quiet on the blog here lately. Seems life has become more and more like home in which we have a fairly regular routine with each of us having had enough of the computer during the day that once the kids go to bed we can't bring … [Read more...]


Norwegians are serious about their canned meat, in particular their "liverpostei" or what we know as liverwurst. While adults eat cans promoting "oven baked" leverpostei, it is also heavily marketed to children with both boys and girls pictured on … [Read more...]

Apartment superheroes

Superhero play on a dreary day. … [Read more...]

Proper Attire Mandatory

We headed out today despite the cold, windy, damp weather because that is what Norwegians do. We stepped outside the apartment building and quickly surmised that everyone would appreciate hats and gloves. After a couple of trips back up to the … [Read more...]

Apple pizza

Friday night has been pizza and movie night in this house for some time now. And while the Norwegians certainly do have their own love affair with pizza, much of it originating from the freezer aisle, the chef in this house has worked hard these past … [Read more...]

mmmm mmmm mmm…

We first saw this commercial during the Olympics, a prime example of wringing every ounce of value from a "one hit wonder". Sarah and I chuckle a bit every time we see it... … [Read more...]


Last weekend we went to our first Loppemarked that happened to be held down the street at the boys school. We had been told that we should scout these loppemarked (which translates to flea market), which are usually put on through the schools, for … [Read more...]


Norway is expensive and things we usually take for granted in the States are often twice or three times as expensive. But there is one thing that our family agrees is MUCH better here than in the States and is absolutely free – Norwegian drinking … [Read more...]

Grocery helper

After almost two weeks going to "Daddy's School," Leah has mastered the critical skill of grocery helper. … [Read more...]


The first tooth lost in Oslo, at the mercy of a popsicle. … [Read more...]