The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

Found the boys

Thanks to a colleague's suggestion, we found a good local barber for a reasonable price. So all the boys of the house got haircuts over this past week. Jury is still out as to what is going to happen with the girl.   … [Read more...]

Field Day

The boys have mentioned in a few of their posts how much they like going to Bislett Stadium. Ethan in particular. Last week, they got the extra bonus of both being there at the same time as their school held a version of field day for all the 1st … [Read more...]

Oslo Dansens Hus

Sarah and I subscribe to a weekly listserv that aggregates the coming week's "American-centric" activities in and around Oslo. Sarah noticed there was a dance show that Leah and I might enjoy. She purchased a couple of tickets so Leah and I could … [Read more...]

The King’s Guard

Leah and I spent a great day with two other Fulbrighters here from the States. Ann, who is here from Memphis (a fellow Tennessean!) and Judith, from New Mexico, are roving scholars who travel from school to school across Norway conducting class … [Read more...]


I picked the boys up from school Monday and we walked over to a branch of the Oslo library we have yet to visit in a hip area known as Grünerløkka. We all loved this place -- the boys even admitting it was well worth the 'long' walk with their heavy … [Read more...]

Apartment superheroes

Superhero play on a dreary day. … [Read more...]

Sketching day

Reid and I had our first 'sketching' outing on Sunday. We came up with this idea for us two to do together before we even left for Oslo and he has been anxious to get going since we got here. We went to the Contemporary Art Museum only to learn it … [Read more...]

Grocery helper

After almost two weeks going to "Daddy's School," Leah has mastered the critical skill of grocery helper. … [Read more...]

“Worlds Coolest Day”

Now that we are into a more regular routine, we aren't doing much besides the expected during the week and plan to take advantage of the weekends. The apartment also prompts us to get out and about. While it is a great space, and we don't feel atop … [Read more...]

Our budding Norwegian chef

Ethan came home quite excited about school today as it was the first real cooking day in his Home Ec class. He worked with 2 other teammates to make Frokost (breakfast) from their cookbook and wound up with extra to bring home for us to try. It was a … [Read more...]