The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

Kitchen Fight

By: Ethan The past few weeks we haven't had our usual home ec. because, we have been saving them up for this past monday when we had an event sort of like the Iron Chef or Ready, Steady Cook television shows. The class was divided into groups and … [Read more...]

Getting into the Christmas spirit

December was filled with many activities that helped us to get into the Christmas spirit so far from home ... Both boys had Christmas programs at school, each being upbeat, festive and very enjoyable. Reid's was a play in which two kids stayed on … [Read more...]

Ice Skating in the Snow

Snow is becoming more frequent as we head farther into December. Both the boys had winter activities at school last friday; Reid's class went to a nearby park for some sledding and Ethan's gym class walked over to an outdoor hand ball court that has … [Read more...]


We were not sure what to expect of Halloween over here. Back home it is one of the highlights of the year in our neighborhood as the area is teeming with kids of shapes and sizes. Knowing that Halloween is a relatively new phenomena in Norway, we … [Read more...]

Field Day

The boys have mentioned in a few of their posts how much they like going to Bislett Stadium. Ethan in particular. Last week, they got the extra bonus of both being there at the same time as their school held a version of field day for all the 1st … [Read more...]

Update from the Kids

ETHAN: At school, like I said in another post, we go out to Bislett stadium for gym on Fridays. I did the long jump again and this time got 3.15 meters as my high. I actually did my feet in front like I was trying to reach my toes on the jump, I … [Read more...]

Apple pizza

Friday night has been pizza and movie night in this house for some time now. And while the Norwegians certainly do have their own love affair with pizza, much of it originating from the freezer aisle, the chef in this house has worked hard these past … [Read more...]


Last weekend we went to our first Loppemarked that happened to be held down the street at the boys school. We had been told that we should scout these loppemarked (which translates to flea market), which are usually put on through the schools, for … [Read more...]

Update from the kids …

Hard to believe we will have been here a month this weekend. Kids are two weeks into school and doing well. We asked them to give an update on school and their time in Norway to date ... ETHAN:: I’m surprised it’s been a month already. I’m … [Read more...]

Our budding Norwegian chef

Ethan came home quite excited about school today as it was the first real cooking day in his Home Ec class. He worked with 2 other teammates to make Frokost (breakfast) from their cookbook and wound up with extra to bring home for us to try. It was a … [Read more...]