The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

Kitchen Fight

By: Ethan The past few weeks we haven't had our usual home ec. because, we have been saving them up for this past monday when we had an event sort of like the Iron Chef or Ready, Steady Cook television shows. The class was divided into groups and … [Read more...]

Holmen-‘cooool’-len ski jump competition

By Ethan + Reid + Leah E: Every year Oslo hosts a World Cup Ski jump event at the Holmenkollen ski jump. We went there before earlier in the summer with Dad and went up to see the troll statue and the rope course. We had not been there since … [Read more...]

Update from the kids

Ethan: We have been very busy lately. In school we went on a sledding/cross-country skiing day. And I got to try to cross-country ski for a bit. I liked it but it was hard because I haven't been on skiis for like a year when we went to Massanutten … [Read more...]

Update from the kids

Back from an adventure in the far Northern region of Norway with another American Fulbright family, first a report from the kids ... Ethan: The plane flight to Tromsø was really nice we could see the huge mountains as we were landing. And as we … [Read more...]

I turned 7!

by Reid Zinser I was feeling excited on November 22nd. I woke up and I saw that Mom put up something that said "Happy Birthday Reidy." And 'Reidy' is one of my nicknames. I ate my breakfast and then I saw a pile of presents on our dining … [Read more...]


Ethan saw these videos in school recently, some pranks from a Norwegian variety show. He has asked to have them posted here for everyone to enjoy. :-) … [Read more...]

Update from the Kids

Ethan: In school Friday we went to the Museum of the Vigeland Sculpture Park. And I learned that the actual statues in the park are not real. The stone sculptures that he made are actually in the museum. They did this because if the stone ones were … [Read more...]

Update from the Kids

ETHAN: At school, like I said in another post, we go out to Bislett stadium for gym on Fridays. I did the long jump again and this time got 3.15 meters as my high. I actually did my feet in front like I was trying to reach my toes on the jump, I … [Read more...]

Update from the kids …

Hard to believe we will have been here a month this weekend. Kids are two weeks into school and doing well. We asked them to give an update on school and their time in Norway to date ... ETHAN:: I’m surprised it’s been a month already. I’m … [Read more...]

Update from the kids…

We got in late last night from our first trip across Norway to visit Bergen. We're sorting through the 630 pics (the landscape was fantastic) and will be posting about various parts of the journey over the next few days. It went super smooth up until … [Read more...]