The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

Copenhagen by boat

Our ferry, the Pearl Seaways

The boys had fall break this past week so we opted to take a trip out-of-town before it starts to get too cold and miserable to take the kids anywhere. There are several modes of transport to Copenhagen; an 8-hour bus ride, an hour flight, a train which we could never tell how long it would take (and was the most expensive), and the overnight ferry. We were set to take one mode down (flight) and another back (boat) however the trek to the airport from Oslo can be long and we learned the same applies on the Copenhagen end. So much to the kids delight, we took the overnight ferry down and back. It leaves Oslo at 4:30 in the afternoon and arrives the next morning at 9:30. Ferries are a fairly common form of transport among countries lining the North Sea with options to take them to a destination only for a day and return to the boat that evening, known as a ‘mini-cruise.’ Not long enough for us, so we spent a night on the boat, two in Copenhagen, and another back on the boat.

We will put up more posts about Copenhagen, but for now, our transportation there and back …

Leaving Oslo port, not quite sure what the sign above us means.

The wind was really strong up on deck

This one is going to have to get more hardy towards the wind if his dream of becoming an oceanographer is going to come true!

Quite proud of how quickly they devoured the box of crackers.

This is how the boys chose to spend both evenings on the boat, Leah was the adventurous one choosing to explore with Kurt and I.

And once they finished their book, they switched books.

And how exactly did we all sleep in here? Luckily, Leah has been happy with pallets made out of comforters on the floor and sleeps like a rock.

Copenhagen met us with cloudy skies which stayed pretty much the duration of our trip.

Entering Copenhagen

The most frustrating part of the whole trip was once we debarked in Copenhagen. We were told that there would be a shuttle to take us to the subway station we needed to get to our hotel. Due to the massive crowds, we missed the first one we saw and opted to wait for the second one. About an hour into the wait, as more and more people were throwing up their hands and opting for a taxi, we checked the bus schedule posted at the stop. Looked like the last shuttle was at 10:30, it was now 11. And no one bothered to tell any of us this. I went in and asked the attendant who confirmed that the shuttle had left and she had called an extra one to come, but didn’t know when. We were just about to grab a taxi as well when that shuttle came and we made our way to the subway. All 10 of us who were too clueless to have known any better!

The kids take on the boat adventure …

ETHAN: The boat ride over was great. When we were going to Copenhagen, I couldn’t fall asleep too good because the boat was rocking. On the way back I also had trouble because our room was one floor above the dance club. The food at breakfast is really good. I spent most of my time in the cabin reading. And we didn’t go into the pool even though we brought our swim suits and goggles. It was too crowded and outside and cold.

REID: I really like the boat trip. The boat had a play area for kids that Leah liked. It had a TV, a ball pit, and Duplo legos. I didn’t go there much because everything was more for little kids than it was for me and Ethan. Once we went outside to the deck and looked at the boat leaving the dock. And that was really cold.

LEAH: I liked to go into the play area and jump into the ball pit. Next time can we stay on the boat?

Leaving Copenhagen

Entering Oslo (photo straight from the iPhone, no color correcting, as my friend Ann says, “It’s hard living in Photoshop.”)

Overall the boat trip was not a bad way to go. We were most disappointed with not having more open seating areas that were not within a restaurant where you were expected to spend money. However this isn’t an all-inclusive trip with food, so I guess they have to make their money somehow. We did purchase the breakfast buffet that filled us up on boiled eggs, sausage, bread, cheeses, cereal, and yogurt for a good part of the day. The boat also had a store that sold all kinds of sundry (clothing, jewelry, candy, chocolates, toys, etc.) but easily a quarter of the store was dedicated to wine, liquor and beer – all sold at a deep discount relative to prices in Norway (and likely Denmark as well). This fact certainly seemed to be a big selling point for many travelers.




  1. Chuck Maland says:

    Great shot of Oslo from your IPhone! Hope you had a fun time in Copenhagen. I remember the flatness and the bike lanes in the roads were really striking to us when we visited, though we were there in balmy June. The ferry looked like a good choice for transport.

    Hope you’re all well. Kann dere snakker Norsk?

    • Hei Chuck, ingen snakker norsk ennå, starter en klasse i november. And yes, we too were quite blown away by the bikes. We knew that bikes were popular there, but I don’t think until you witness it can you truly understand what a bike-centric town it is. Kurt took a great video we will post soon. Helps that it is so flat, which was a stark contrast to Oslo. While there are some stunning parks in Copenhagen, we can see why Norway’s tagline is “Powered by Nature.”

  2. WOW! That’s an impressive shot! 🙂

    • I’ve yet to get a bad shot here on a blue-sky day and felt like we were living your quote with this color palette. My phone was almost out of space, so the photo was downgraded and thus is somewhat pixelated. But the colors were really that stunning thanks to the good clear air, oh to bring this back to Tennessee with us.

  3. Avery wants Leah to know: “she likes her bed. Avery misses Leah! Avery loves Leah! Avery loves to play with Leah!”

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