The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah


While in Bergen we got ice cream from a stand selling Diplom-Is. Little did we know it is one of the larger ice cream distributors; part of a dairy co-op known as Tine which seems to have the monopoly on dairy here in Norway. The kids committed the little eskimo character to memory and become immediately hungry for a treat every time they see it. So when we saw the logo in the grocery, in the cart these went.

Diplom-Is Pin Up ice cream bars

These Pin-Ups reminded the kids of the Mayfield Brown Cow which they all know is a favorite of their YaYa back home. The ice cream in these has a texture more like ice milk and the chocolate coating is thinner and seems more delicate. Observations all made by the kids as they powered through them, no problem.

In looking into Diplom-Is a bit more, we ran across this great ephemera section of their site, “Former Ice Charts.” We are going to have to go on a hunt for a copy of the one on the far left for our kitchen back home.

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