The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

First day of school

Today the boys were full of all the normal first-day-of-school butterflies, compounded a bit more by the unknown of their classmates. Their school, Ila Skole, has been great to them since we got here. They got to go last week and meet with the principal. Ethan got to meet his teacher and Reid got to see his classroom. Today they were to meet their teachers right outside of the principal, or Rektor’s, office about 15 minutes before school started, which is 8:30. This start time means we get an extra 45 minutes in the morning compared to home where school starts at 7:45 — it is going to make a world of difference in this household. We all walked up together today, but from here on out I’ll be able to walk the boys halfway, peel off to get to my bus, and they can walk the rest of the way by themselves. In all, their school is a total of 3 blocks from our place.

We had already met Ethan’s teacher, Ole Marius (pronounced ew-lay-marius) and recognized him right off when he came to pick up Ethan. We then got to meet Reid’s teacher, Ingri, who is also new to the school this year. We all found her to be quite enjoyable and she was nothing but wonderful to Reid. She had already endeared herself to him by sending him a letter before school started welcoming him to her classroom and Ila Skole. It was the first piece of mail we received in our postbox and he has kept it on his bedside table (we’ve caught him rereading it a few times :-). We went with her and saw his room, but quickly excused ourselves so that she could take him down to the playground to meet his other classmates. For today we picked Ethan up at 1:00 and Reid at 2:00. From here on Ethan gets out at 2:30, and Reid gets out at a different time each day, either 1, 1:30 or 2. His schedule will surely keep Kurt on his toes.

One thing we noted after school let out was the number of kids who just off and went, without any parents. No carpool line, no queueing up for pick-up, no sign-out (or sign-in). With the younger kids below Reid, sure there is more structure. But his classmates just seem to scatter, as did Ethan’s. We saw some parents for pick-up, while other kids probably went to after school activities, but to witness the independence was quite refreshing. We look forward to being able to let the boys have a taste of this while we are here. Until then, we will be up all night using Google translate to read the first day of school letters that came home from the teachers today. Hoping we can get them via email in the future.

Here is their take on the first day …

REID: We went to the playground today, even in the rain. My teacher’s name is Ingri, she is very nice and she speaks English. There is one other boy in my class who speaks English because his Dad is English. I have 22 students in my class. There are some things that are different from Beaumont.

  • You have to take your shoes off in class
  • You eat lunch in the classroom, not the cafeteria
  • You call your teacher by their first name
  • On the first day, the whole class meets outside on the playground before class starts and the teacher comes and gets you to take you to the classroom.

I think it is going to be fun and I want to go back tomorrow.

ETHAN:: The school is really nice. I have really fun classmates, all of them seem to have a good sense of humor. We have two recesses, one is a small 15 minute recess and the other is a 30 minute long one. We will go outside in all weather so we need to get me some rain boots. You eat lunch in your classroom. My teacher, Ole Marius is a really funny guy. He is the first male teacher I have ever had. He will tell me the important things I need to know in English. But he normally speaks Norwegian. There are about 20 students in my class. The classroom is smallish/mediumish in size. I like this size because I can be in the back and still hear the teacher and still have enough space to move around. I am going to have sewing classes and make an apron for my home economics class. Then we will be taking cooking lessons to learn to cook Norwegian foods. All of the kids in my class speak some English. And I already have a friend named Phillip and on the first day he invited me over to his house. I’m looking forward to gym class because we will be doing track and field things. A 60-meter run, the hurdles, and I’m also excited about going on the class camping and hiking trips. On those trips we will also go skiing.

An attempt to get a good photo this morning



  1. I love this- The independence, the recess in the rain, the learning to sew and cook- what great lessons! Loving the blog- thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. Katherine says:

    Love this photo montage! I can’t wait to see the sewing products!

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