The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

Found the Intelevator

Ethan would like to share with everyone that he has found the Intelevator in which silly antics are played out on unsuspecting elevator riders. On one of our shopping trips, because he continues to outgrow everything, we had to find a restroom. We popped into a downtown hotel and when he caught sight of the atrium he about jumped out of his skin. Of course we had to ride this up and down several times while he played out some of the scenes from the videos. He wants to know when we can go back, thinking perhaps if he is lucky, he will catch them filming.


  1. Caryn Conway says:

    Ethan – these are hysterical! Will, Cole and Reis all laughed heartily. They enjoyed it nearly as much as the “human beat box” (which is saying a lot 🙂 ) Happy New Year!!!

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