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Kitchen Fight

By: Ethan

The past few weeks we haven’t had our usual home ec. because, we have been saving them up for this past monday when we had an event sort of like the Iron Chef or Ready, Steady Cook television shows. The class was divided into groups and each group got 100kr to buy ingredients for a dinner and a dessert (which is only like 20 US dollars.) So Cora, Åsne and I made an olive, cheese and some type of thin meat pizza for the meal and strawberries dipped in chocolate for the dessert. The crust was made from scratch and we let it rise for 15 minutes and then let it cook for 15 minutes. Our Vice Principal Hanne was the judge.


This is my group being judged by Hanne. Cora is the girl with brown hair and Åsne is the girl with blond hair.

We only had 1 hour to cook the dish and the dessert and our group did it with 5 minutes left to spare! My teacher Ole Marius told us the results last Wednesday at the end of art class. And believe it or not my group WON the competition :)! Ole Marius told us that she gave each group a score out of ten and my group got a 9! We also earned points from Ole Marius because he said we had good teamwork and no one was left about just watching, we did it under the time limit and we came in under budget. I also got a little diploma that showed I completed the event, it said “diploma for the best group in the kitchen fight!” The other groups also got a diploma but theirs didn’t say the same thing. I think it was one of the best times at Ila so far!


This is my diploma!

PS – The term for the event in Norwegian is ‘kokkekamp’ which my classmates told me means ‘kitchen fight’.


  1. Chuck Maland says:

    Great job, Ethan! You and your teammates did a great job.

    Nancy and Chuck Maland

  2. Katherine says:

    Way to go, Ethan!! I can’t wait to come visit and eat one of your meals!!

  3. Enjoyed seeing the pictures of the BIG event! We were so glad that your group did so well, and we look forward to having you prepare a meal for us. I especially liked that your group got good marks for working well together .
    Love you,
    Gram and Opa

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