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We have seen people buying these around town so Friday on my way home from work I stopped by a bakery to get bread and on a whim bought a six pack of these, not knowing at all what they were except something my sweet tooth was going to enjoy. Wow. Were we in for a treat. They look quite dense and we were surprised to pick them up out of the box and feel how light they were. The outside is covered in a thin chocolate coating, heavily rolled in coconut. The inside is light and fluffy. It looks like marshmallow, but is a better kind of sweet, quite creamy and very rich. Kurt likens the texture to the inside of a Twinkie. The combination chocolate and coconut was reminiscent of a Mounds bar, but nowhere near as processed. After some digging, we have learned they are not always rolled in coconut and the inside filling can also be flavored. Translated from Norwegian kokosboller means “coconut buns.” They are also known as snowballs. I’ve found a bakery a few blocks away that specializes in them — so long as I can have one everyday from here until we leave, I think I’ll be happy.


  1. Hi hi! Hard to believe you never had kokosbollar before 🙂 Enjoy! Now I’m getting both home sick and envious…

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  3. Found your blog tonight as I attempted to “explain” kokosboller to the folks back home (which for me is in California). Welcome to Oslo! My husband and I have lived here for about 18 months now and we love it. In case you’re interested, I blog all things expat/Norway/Oslo here: Looking forward to reading more of your adventures!

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