The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah


Norwegians are serious about their canned meat, in particular their “liverpostei” or what we know as liverwurst.

While adults eat cans promoting “oven baked” leverpostei, it is also heavily marketed to children with both boys and girls pictured on the packaging. This is because it is apparently a favorite for Norwegian kids to bring to school (or so we have been told, neither of the boys have seen their classmates eating this out of the can). If a child brings a can in their lunch with the opposite gender pictured then they might get a ribbing from their classmates.

Made of a combination of ground up pork liver and lard, we all tried it and I can say this was the one and only can that will be entering our house this year. Reid probably would eat it in a pinch as he ate his whole piece of bread (which is ironic considering he is our pickiest eater). Ethan and Leah ate about half. And Kurt and I couldn’t get past a single bite. I imagine you would need to grow up eating this in order to acquire a taste for it. Can’t say the texture and smell fit our palette.


  1. Chuck Maland says:

    That’s a pretty sad color, isn’t it? The ost (cheese) looks better. Almost every work day when we were in Norway, I brought two slices of whole grain bread with thinly sliced cheese on top of each slice to work and ate them at lunch. The Norwegians called the “skiver” (shee’-ver)–slices. When we were there, Norwegian-produced cheeses were subsidized, so Jarlsberg was much cheaper than it was in the US. We ate a lot of that. I don’t remember going much for leverpostei!

  2. **gag**

  3. Eva Krantz-Willig says:

    Oh, you just don’t know what you’re talking about! Looks deliscious! I wish i could make myself a leverpastejs-macka right now!!! So much better than the liver wurst I have to get by with here in the US because it’s the closest I can find… Oh how I long for some “real” Scandinavian food!

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