The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

Lighting of the building Christmas tree

We are now experiencing some seriously cold weather. High of 14°F today, high of 21°F yesterday, and tomorrow, a high of a whopping 13°F. This degree of cold is an adjustment for our Southern blood, however we are glad that it brings along with it bright blue, clear and sunny skies. Luckily the kids are close to set in their outdoor gear. Reid was the only one to have all he needed before we left for Oslo this summer. Ethan has now procured the needed wool long johns and  winter jacket along with his winter boots — which I might add are the third the pair of shoes we’ve had to purchase for him since we’ve gotten here (of course he picks this expensive locale to have his feet jump a size in a month). While our neighbors have graciously helped Leah out with wool long johns and winter suits that look ski slope ready. It is Kurt and I who are slowly realizing what we are missing and are going to need to stock up before we travel to Tromsø next week. One of the important mainstays is lots of wool. I bought the warmest mittens I have ever owned at a recent Christmas market. Fleece lined inside with wool on the outside, like mini-ovens for my hands.

The boys ventured out to play soccer today for a few hours while Leah and I stayed hunkered down. Then around 5 we all went down to the courtyard for the lighting of the Christmas tree in the courtyard. With gingersnaps and warm gløgg (mulled cider, sometimes with wine), the adults chatted while the kids ran around shedding clothes as if it wasn’t 7°. At one point the kids all came together to sing a sweet song as they circled the tree. A very good substitute for our neighborhood Christmas tree lighting back home, one of our favorite nights of the year there.

Singing Norwegian carols as they circle around the tree

Pink, pink cheeks after playing outside for an hour tonight

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