The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

Married designers designing a blog for themselves

You would think setting up this blog would come easy to us. That we could just whip open our computer and kick something out without a second thought. You would think.

In designing we had a few priorities:

– be able to post an image a day
– be able to let the kids post
– be able to be “slurped” down into a book upon return

– be accessible via a mobile device
– be as painless as possible

Kurt and I learned early on that we are not necessarily meant to design together. We have very different working styles that could on the one hand be seen as complimentary but when played out can lead to extreme frustration. Back in undergrad our friends bemoaned anytime we attempted to share a computer together. Mind you, this was a time when a computer lab was filled with Mac IIs and the concept of layers had yet to be introduced in Photoshop. Pairing up two people who work at very different speeds on a single station in order to circumvent the line out the door never seemed to work to our advantage.

We have however always been respectful of what the other brings to the table and hope that this can be reflected in this blog. If I were to predict you’ll get the details from me, and the facts from Kurt. We both love photography and intend to publish as much as we can. Our intention is to paint the best possible story to not only keep everyone up to speed on our goings-on, but to be able to create a solid record of this experience to archive for the kids.

This blog has been a figment for a long time and now that it is a reality, it is a site with which we (OK, mostly me) will forever be tinkering —  so don’t be surprised if it looks completely different tomorrow.

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