The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

Our budding Norwegian chef

Ethan came home quite excited about school today as it was the first real cooking day in his Home Ec class. He worked with 2 other teammates to make Frokost (breakfast) from their cookbook and wound up with extra to bring home for us to try. It was a traditional Norwegian breakfast including, grove rundstykker (coarse rolls), kakao (cocoa), and kokte egg (boiled egg). Apparently he was the team leader on the eggs. There is a special classroom they use for this that has 4-5 stations, each with its own cooking unit. Next time he’ll be making crepes and smoothies. And then we will be handing over all household cooking to him.

The lesson plan from his cookbook

The proud chef and his creation

Heated and buttered and all ready for the table


  1. Katherine says:

    Such a cool experience!! This is a great life skill he is learning. That breakfast looks good.

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