The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

Proper Attire Mandatory

We headed out today despite the cold, windy, damp weather because that is what Norwegians do. We stepped outside the apartment building and quickly surmised that everyone would appreciate hats and gloves. After a couple of trips back up to the apartment we felt sufficiently attired to take on the day. We are pretty sure any trace of summer is gone, and maybe even fall as we know it as today felt like late November back home.

The hot-natured boys shrugged the jackets while Leah got to test out her new stroller cover. She told us it was her spaceship.

This is quite often the behavior we get to enjoy along with everyone else while out in public.

Manning the spaceship.

These three have yet to meet a playground that they did not like.

Teeter-totter Oslo style

Ethan and I peeled off to go do one of his least favorite things in the whole world, clothes shopping. Seems all of the pants that fit him in July are now 2-3 inches too short. His treat for putting up with the dressing room was to peruse the lego section of the toy store.

Our trip to a loppemarked today was a score for outdoor sports. We don’t think the boys skates were used more than a handful of times. Leah’s seem to be a bit more well-loved. Regardless, we got all of this for less than half of what one pair of the skates would have cost new. Now if we can just locate some skiis, we will be set for winter sports.


  1. Chuck Maland says:

    What a great teeter-totter! Glad to see you found some good used skates–you’re now ready for some of your winter adventures. Hope all is going well. We’re enjoying all the entries and seeing pictures of some many lovely Oslo spaces.

    Nancy and Chuck

  2. Wow, that transition was fast. Here’s to settling in!!!

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