The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

Quick check-in

Apparently April was busy. And May is showing no signs of stopping. Only one blog post since April 4 and so much to catch up on …

  • Trip to Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Trip to the Gothenburg ER (not to worry everyone is fine)
  • Easter
  • More visitors
  • Updates from the kids
  • Spring looking like it was coming, then ducking back again (grrr…)
  • Oslo street clean
  • The Norwegian Russefeiring phenomena
  • Homebrew beer
  • Oslo Natural History Museum
  • Another post from Kurt, maybe, if we are lucky, he is still here too 😉

And this doesn’t count the back posts, some of which have been halfway written, some of which are on the to-do list, one of which dates back to September …

  • Trip to Copenhagen
  • Trip to Tromsø
  • Fulbright Ski weekend
  • Sledding, winter, and more sledding
  • Zinser craft-a-thon
  • Oslo Decorative Arts Museum
  • December Christmas market at the artist colony
  • Christmas at the Folksmuseet

But not to fear. Should you be one of our 5 patient readers, we will fill you in. The blog is also our record which we will get ‘slurped’ into a book, or books, upon return. So we intend to fill it up. This means that you may start seeing some crazy back-posting. Those of you who are on the email list should get these via email. Those who just read every once in a while may miss them initially. But we will keep track of all that is backdated and put up a complete post of backdated content once we catch up. Which may be once we are back home.

I can say that the Photo a Day page is all up-to-date. Another portion of the blog that we will put into book form to enjoy once this adventure is complete.

Until our next post, two snapshots of this life that seems to exist in a fast-forward time warp.

This captures the speed of life here in the apartment.

This captures the speed of life here in the apartment.


Just yesterday it seems the trees could hold the buds no longer and they all popped open overnight. We are all crossing our fingers that spring is here to stay!




  1. valleystitcher says:

    Had the pleasure of meeting Sarah in the grocery store. Thank you for all your help and advice on the things to see in Oslo. Love the photos and blog. I will be following you and the family adventures in Oslo. Yours, Margaret

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