The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah


The river that runs through Oslo, Ankerselva, is considered a cultural icon. It runs through the middle of town for about 5 miles and traverses many areas. Ethan walked a good length of it last week going on a field trip from his school to the Science Museum. We are planning to walk along it in the coming weekends before it gets too cold but to date have only done small parts here and there. Last night the river walk came alive for the Riverwalk 2012, a celebration around the last day of equal light and dark in a day (only getting darker from here). I actually headed out to the event with colleagues to assist in some participatory design installations they were putting up along the river while Kurt took the kids. They didn’t last long as there were so many people that he could not keep the stroller on the path and the boys were none to thrilled with how cold it was out. Leah saw it as a big party being put on to entertain her and could have kept going.

Upon autumnal equinox comes on thousands of torches along the walk and trail lights extinguished. You will experience the evocative scenery and exciting artistic performances. Everything starts at 20 along the river and you can start anywhere you want, but it is recommended to go down. – from Oslo city website

The base of this table was a heater, brilliant!

It was hard to document the evening as it started at 8 and was very dark along the route. Along the path you could see anything from a children’s group singing to tai chi being performed to various acts with fire art to all sorts of random installations. My personal favorite was a series of random  fractals being projected onto a 40 foot tree and all of its leaves. It was a magical event, albeit a cold one (in the upper 30’s, my hands were blocks of ice by the end). We are thinking that Knoxville needs to get its act together and put something like this on if/when the waterfront development ever gets finished.

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