The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

Salty licorice

I bought a pack of this gum weeks ago so the family could try it. Well, Kurt and I were not going to try it because neither of us like licorice. Ethan then informed us he couldn’t stand it either. Reid was going to be the adventurous one not knowing what licorice tasted like, until he unknowingly grabbed a piece of licorice candy from a candy bowl and his eyes promptly filled with tears as he ran for the garbage can. And Leah is spared as she is not allowed gun for a bit longer.

Soooo, if anyone back home has an affinity for licorice and happens to have a salty tooth, we’ve got just the thing to bring back to you.



  1. Daniel and his boss have a thing for European licorice – we’ll take a pack;)

  2. No takers here–maybe the Ramsey & Zinser genes are responsible for dislike of licorice .
    Love, Gram

    • Well then they get it from both sides as I think there is a healthy dislike on the Lowe side as well. I wonder if it isn’t one of those acquired tastes that is introduced much earlier in life over here.

  3. Eva Krantz-Willig says:

    Yes please!!!! I love salty licorice (which I can’t find here in Knoxville). I probably like most of the “weird” candy you can find 🙂

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