The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah


I picked the boys up from school Monday and we walked over to a branch of the Oslo library we have yet to visit in a hip area known as Grünerløkka. We all loved this place — the boys even admitting it was well worth the ‘long’ walk with their heavy school backpacks to get there. Ethan came home with a Mickey Mouse anthology and Reid one of the Bone series books by Jeff Smith that he had not yet read. I can sense that we are going to become regulars here.

In the Oslo Public Library, Grünerløkka branch at Schous space 10, is Oslo’s cartoon library – Serieteket. We are a resource center for cartoon environment, libraries, schools, and general comic book enthusiasts. On the second floor of the branch is a rich collection of both Norwegian and foreign cartoons, and literature on the subject cartoons, which you can borrow. We also arrange cartoon courses, exhibitions, launches, etc.

In the stairwell up to the comics floor

I picked up the wonderful ‘Little Lit’ series books for the boys

Kurt and I have noticed there seems to be a love affair with Donald Duck comics over here.

Oslo’s own Kristian Hammerstad prints hang outside the entrance

Kristian Hammerstad


  1. Thanks so much for sharing these photos of Serieteket!

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