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Our friend Palmyre came over yesterday and brought some deliciousness from her local bakery. Of course there was the staple, a good loaf of crusty bread, but also included were two ‘bollers‘. These classic Norwegian buns have a yeastbread base, are spiced with cardamom and come in many different varieties. The classic one is filled with raisin, ‘rosin boller‘, then of course there is the one with chocolate, ‘sjokolade boller‘, one of the varieties that Palmyre brought. She also brought what seems to be the more decadent one, the ‘skollebolle‘, pronounced ‘skoa-la-bow-la‘, putting emphasis on the “las“. This translates to ‘school bun‘ and is known as the bun the kids eat as they walk to school in the morning. It is the same bread base as the other boller, however there is a custard filling in the middle, a ring of icing around the edge and is topped with shredded coconut. It is as good as it looks.

Skollebolle, or school bun

Icing sprinkled with coconut


  1. I like Palmyre already.

  2. Katherine says:

    sugar. coma.

  3. Katherine says:

    And how do you have friends already? You’ve been there less than a week! 😉

    • Palmyre is my research colleague at UiO. She has been a wealth of knowledge for us — including the intro to these sweet treats that Reid has asked for his breakfast on the first day of school.

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