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Smiley Moods

Our friend Ann gave these to the kids to try out. Don’t know where she got them and we haven’t seen them since. Kind of like M+M’s except the taste is a bit different. The characters printed on the candies are great.

Ann, we are sending you some smiley moods!

Ann, we are sending you lots and lots of smiley moods!


It is also a good way to describe the mood about Oslo now thanks to the fact that the sun is returning. Those who know me well know me as one to skirt the sun whenever possible. Hats, sunscreen and all around avoidance at all costs. However in finding such joy in having the sun on my face my friend Marianne says that I am ‘becoming Norwegian.’

It kind of just hits you one day. For me it was last week when I realized for the first time that my commute home had been in daylight as opposed to darkness. For Ethan it was this morning when he said before school “Wow, it will be light for my walk to school from now on.” Reid said it occurred to him earlier in the week when he thought Dad was fixing dinner too early in the day because it was daylight outside while he was cooking. And Kurt noticed it returning a few weeks ago when he saw the light hit a wall in our house that had not been lit like that for months. Only lasted 10 minutes, but that was his cue. 

So now we are well on our way to the long lit days. I learned recently from my American Fulbright colleague working up in Svalbard that up there when the light rises above the horizon they then gain a full 15 minutes of light each day until they quickly go from 24 hours of darkness to 24 hours of daylight. The transition here is not as fast, but it is noticeable. And all of Oslo is ready!


  1. Katherine says:

    “they then gain a full 15 minutes of light each day until they quickly go from 24 hours of darkness to 24 hours of daylight.”

    So if you were in Svalbard, would you rather it be 24 hours of daylight or 24 hours of darkness??? You could learn a lot about someone from the answer!

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