The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah


We were not sure what to expect of Halloween over here. Back home it is one of the highlights of the year in our neighborhood as the area is teeming with kids of shapes and sizes. Knowing that Halloween is a relatively new phenomena in Norway, we … [Read more...]

Update from the kids ….

After a week in, here is an update from the kids ... Ethan:: It’s been pretty nice and I like exploring around the town and finding out that there are really nice parks nearby. I also like just hanging out at home before school starts. Here they … [Read more...]

Trying to break the jetlag

These past few days we all feel as if our heads are stuffed with cotton. We can't seem to shake the jetlag and started that process today in earnest. After a midnight Skype call last night to my brother in which Leah and Ethan were still up to join … [Read more...]