The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

Update from the kids

Back from an adventure in the far Northern region of Norway with another American Fulbright family, first a report from the kids ... Ethan: The plane flight to Tromsø was really nice we could see the huge mountains as we were landing. And as we … [Read more...]

Sketching day

Reid and I had our first 'sketching' outing on Sunday. We came up with this idea for us two to do together before we even left for Oslo and he has been anxious to get going since we got here. We went to the Contemporary Art Museum only to learn it … [Read more...]

Trading rocks

[Since we were unable to post much in the last week or so before we got here, we've got a few backposts to catch up on -- this is one of them ...] Reid has made a couple of really good friends at his elementary school. One if them is Reece whom we … [Read more...]