The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

The Norwegian Beatbox

I attended a lecture today where the video of this Norwegian YouTube superstar was shown as part of the presentation. The kids in this house now want to watch it nonstop. Here is another one of his … [Read more...]

mmmm mmmm mmm…

We first saw this commercial during the Olympics, a prime example of wringing every ounce of value from a "one hit wonder". Sarah and I chuckle a bit every time we see it... … [Read more...]

Grocery helper

After almost two weeks going to "Daddy's School," Leah has mastered the critical skill of grocery helper. … [Read more...]

Our very own tourist attraction

While we continue to work on the blog posts about Bergen, thought we would we share a funny video of Leah from the trip. As many know, she is our social butterfly and is not for long without a song or a dance. So anytime there is street music, off … [Read more...]