The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

Tourist time

Now that we all seem to be on Oslo time, we started out for the Visitor’s Centre to get some maps. Kurt and I have both been a little disoriented not having a big physical map that we can use to orient ourselves. We got that plus a little more from the Centre this morning. We’ve all got some time before I need to report in and the kids start school, so we are going to play tourist and actually have little vacation time, something we have yet to do this summer.

Ephemera from the Tourist Information Centre

From the Tourist Centre we made our way down to the harbor via City Hall.

Oslo City Hall


Harbor panorama

The Pirate Ship excursion boat, complete with mates dressed like pirates to narrate. Reid was completely enamoured with the idea and is ready to go onboard. Ethan, on the other hand, was observing that there had to be a motor because there was no way they were sailing from the wind off of the flag alone.

Picnic in the park

Leah being Leah

Ethan in the park

Our first real tourist experience was right out of Game of Thrones. We were only going to go from the Tourist Centre to the water, but then we saw this giant stone structure and had to go check it out. The Akershus Fortress was built to protect Oslo in 1300 and we all found it to be a really cool place.

Akershus Fortress map

Akershus entrance

Various doors throughout the fortress

Lots of cobblestone paths, not designed for a 3 year-old wearing jellies.

Inside the fortress walls

At one point Ethan thought he saw a secret tunnel and badgered us over and over again until we went back to it. When we saw people coming out of this door he found, he said “See, I told you there was a secret tunnel.” So down we went … this video shows what we found at the end of the tunnel followed by the stairs we took down to get there …


Once we got out we noticed that there was a description outside that we completely missed before going in. It read,

Moataz Nasr is a leading exponent of Pan-Arabic contemporary art. Oslo Fine Art Society and SAKK are proud of presenting some of his works here at Akershus Fortress. For the first time visitors will have the opportunity to discover hidden places at the fortress normally unavailable to visitors.”

We didn’t realize there were more of these easter eggs sprinkled throughout the castle and plan on going back to find them before the exhibition closes at the end of the month. And in case you couldn’t hear it during the video,  Leah said “He might hurt himself.”

Leah hitching a ride — hoping we can locate a stroller soon.


  1. taryn & the gang says:

    all the mcLeans have officially been updated & miss you guys already! the kids are ready to fill you in on all the happenings here & Will can’t believe Ethan will be gone “for a WHOLE YEAR!!” he’s hoping to facetime or skype sooner than later.

    enjoy all the free time & each other. oslo looks like an amazing place thus far & we look forward to keeping up throughout your adventure. love to you all!!

    • Thanks Taryn — So sorry we missed you before we left, things got a bit crazy. Felt like we were running out of the house to the airport. I’ll email you to get the boys set up on Facetime. Ethan would love it!

  2. Katherine says:

    Ha! What a hilarious video! I was getting a little claustrophobic watching it.

    Have fun on your vacation. Send me a picture of the baby statue! Devote a whole blog post to it!

  3. Glad to know the Zinser 5 have arrived safely and can’t wait to see more blog postings documenting your adventures. A big hello and lots of stateside love to you all!

    • Thanks Kathleen — we are starting to feel more settled and having the blog helps us to keep things straight. Won’t be a surprise to you that I have taken more pics than I could possibly ever post. I have found myself in a photographic wonderland! Trying to master the art of taking them with my phone so I don’t have to lug the Nikon around everywhere.

  4. Aunt toots and uncle jim says:

    We are at tarvers onl labor day .) a ing supper .Wisdh you were here,,,,,miss you both, Aunt Toots a-/ nd uncle Jim….Typed by Mom

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