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Trading rocks

[Since we were unable to post much in the last week or so before we got here, we’ve got a few backposts to catch up on — this is one of them …]

Reid has made a couple of really good friends at his elementary school. One if them is Reece whom we were able to get to see a few times this summer. On Reid’s last visit over to Reece’s house, they both painted rocks for one another. Reece made the US flag and signed the back for Reid. And Reid in turn did the Norwegian flag and signed his name to the back for Reece. Reid carried this rock over in his backpack and it is now stationed on his bedside table. The cuteness of both these boys and these rocks speaks for themselves.

Trading rocks


Reece and Reid

Reece, Reid and little sister who can’t stand to be left out


  1. Gram and Opa says:

    We just returned from our great weekend at Atlantis, and we have eagerly read all your posts since you left Knoxville. We did not have access to wifi while there, and we have been so anxious to know how things are going. Your blog is wonderful! We are thrilled to be able to see what you are experiencing.
    Gram and Opa

  2. Carolyn Monday says:

    Sarah, I called to leave a Bon voyage message on your home phone, but,alas, you had already flown away! Mgary Kathryn and I are looking forward to following your blog this year and keeping up with your many adventures. So proud to know someone as smart and talented as you. I already miss having you next door, even though I rarely saw you!

  3. I am catching up on your journey so far. I love this trading rocks story, Reid is one cool kid from a very cool family! Can’t wait to read all about your adventures.

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