The adventures of Kurt, Sarah, Ethan, Reid & Leah

Trekking to Ikea

Our apartment is set up quite well and there is very little we have found lacking. Those few things that do need (desk for Kurt, step stool for Leah, various bins and containers for things that are getting spread out all over the place) are proving either too pricey at the regular stores, at least not what we would be willing to pay, or not available at the local Salvation Army, called Fretex. As many know, I’m a big fan of second hand shops and this one doesn’t disappoint. When I took Kurt, he wasn’t convinced it was second hand until we made it to the housewares in the basement. It has been a good place to find used books for the kids until we can get a library card.

So today we decided to trek to the IKEA which is situated outside of the city. Most all of the larger warehouse stores sit out here as they can not afford to be in the city. It may not have been a place for us to have bothered if it weren’t for the free bus shuttle that leaves hourly from the main train station. Not only was that price right, it also meant we got to see a bit more of the city and surrounding area.

Waiting for the bus eating a sjokolade boller

The bus was pleasant and the 20 minute journey took us through a few areas of town. Around the water there is some new development going up and lots of road construction. This also took us past the famous Opera house that we hope to visit soon.

Buildings along the water


Buildings along the drive

On the way up we saw they were setting up for the Øyafestivalen, a music festival, and on the way back it looked as if it had started. We had looked into this briefly, or should I say optimistically, when we first arrived, but can’t say that we would be up for it with all the kids until we can get a stroller to strap Leah down in.


Upon arrival we weren’t surprised to see this look just the same as in the States. Just much bigger than the one in Atlanta and lots more textiles and rugs for sale. Walking through felt like walking through our own apartment, and probably many of the apartments here for that matter.

Ikea Oslo


I found this tufted textile display, stretched across a canvas square and cinched in the middle by a large wooden circle, a smart way to display them.

This little display could make me love wallpaper

While Kurt, Ethan and I walked around the store, Leah and Reid went to the play area. Leah was all gung-ho to go in, Reid on the other hand was not. He tried to be brave, but broke down in tears right before I left. It was all I could do not to give in and let him come with us, however I know he is going to face this kind of fear when he starts school and this was a babystep to overcoming it. Plus, with the giant ball room, I knew he would be fine. And sure enough when we picked him up he and Leah were building a track with two other kids and came out saying that he had fun. I’m hoping to remind him of this outcome the first day of school as I am predicting we may be facing the same situation.

The kids area included this ball room, an art area, an imaginary play area, and lots of train tracks.

On the way out we saw this sign which, true to form, caused quite a bit of snickering amongst the troops. Ethan thought it meant “Farts depart here” and Reid, “Farts Department.” Google translate tells us it means, “speed dampers.”

Speed dampers



  1. Mary Kathryn says:

    Sounds like you all are taking in some culture considering the sign and the opera house…haha! Glad mom told me about the site so I can follow your trip! I love the new color of the house in tn! Safe travels!

  2. Chuck Maland says:

    Thanks for the first impressions of Norway! We look forward to following your adventures.

    Chuck and Nancy Maland

    • Thanks Chuck — Let me know if there are any sites in Bergen that we should see. We are thinking of heading over there next week before school starts up.

  3. The photo of the kids room looks like a display out of the IKEA catalog! I love the “Speed Dampers” sign!

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